Children’s Ministry Flyer and Schedule for 2018-2019

When a child is baptized at GCPC, the entire congregation makes two promises:
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We will guide and nurture by word and deed, with love and prayer, and encourage this child of God to know and follow Christ and to be a faithful member of Christ’s church.
We will live so as to reveal the transforming power of God’s spirit to this child.

We fulfill our promises in hundreds of ways to provide a safe, nurturing place for all children to explore the wonder of God’s creation and to build the foundation for a faith to sustain them over a lifetime.

Our nursery and our education, music and special programs focus on developmental stages of learning and faith. Children are always welcome to sit with you in church or to attend programs developed specifically to welcome them into the reverence of worship and Bible stories. Many, many adults volunteer to teach Sunday school, lead Vacation Bible School, direct choirs, guide special topic workshops and facilitate parenting classes to support each other in the amazing challenge and joy of raising a faith-filled child.

Our pastor often reminds us that when God needs the world to change, God goes about it in a very singular way: a baby is born.

Our commitment is not just to the beloved children in our own church family, but to children across our city, country and world. ALL children are gifts from God and our most important job of all is to cherish them, to keep them safe, to nourish their minds, bodies and spirits and to help them discover the gifts God needs them to use in our world.

If we get that right, our world is reborn.

Children’s 2018 Ministry Flyer and Schedule. Join us as we celebrate children and walk with them as they grow in God’s love.

To learn more about our children’s program, please contact Children’s Ministry at GCPC.



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“Teenagers who do not go to church are adored by God, but they do not get to meet some of the people who love God back.” Anne Lamott

Youth are cherished, celebrated and influential at GCPC. We include them in church leadership (Session) and follow their lead in worship twice a year. We depend on their help for church events and support their individual and collective dreams with funds, prayers and volunteer hours.

In large and small groups, our youth explore

  • how faith works in real life
  • what other faith traditions believe
  • how to live the questions when answers are not yet clear
  • how to love and support each other in these exciting and challenging years

At GCPC all adults take baptismal promises seriously. A whole cheering section of adults will celebrate and mentor your youth and support him or her long after youth is through. Child development experts often say each child needs ONE adult who is not a parent to help navigate the teen years. Here they have many.

GCPC is a safe haven for ALL youth, including LGBTQ youth, and nurtures friendships and faith to last a lifetime.

To hear more about how one family feels about our youth program, click here:

To learn more about our youth program please contact Youth Director Miles McDonald @ 913-345-1256.

Whether discussing a Bible passage, engaged in an EPIC water fight in the parking lot, painting a house in South Dakota, skiing the Rockies, worshipping in the Smoky Mountains or eating pizza, our goal is the same:

To create a community of youth who KNOW and REMEMBER two things:
GOD loves ME beyond my wildest imagination, right now, just as I am
GOD needs ME to use my gifts to help others

There are no test scores, auditions, dress codes or creeds to sign in order to belong. We come from lots of different schools and backgrounds. All of us—including you—are part of the “IN” group. In fact, there is only one group: everyone is in it.

Actually, when we play Romans and Christians, (Xtreme hide and seek in the dark) there are two groups plus a “Roman Christian,” but we can teach you all that later. We also divide into groups for Broomball and water fights, but you get the idea: except when we play games, we are ALL on the same team.

At GCPC we like having friends outside our own schools who know us, because it helps us keep perspective. We show up to see each other in plays, concerts and sporting events. Our summer road trips are THE BEST. Seriously.

Check us out in person. It might feel weird walking through the door the first time—but it won’t feel that way ever again. We promise.

You do not need to be a member to participate in anything we do. Your insights and doubts, joys and sorrows, questions and struggles are always welcome. So are your friends. Always.

GCPC is a safe haven for ALL youth, including LGBTQ youth.

To learn more about our youth program, please contact Miles McDonald.

For more details on our youth program, please click here.


GCPC Adult ministry is a wonderfully complex network of changing classes, speakers, events and groups of all sizes. Whether your interest is Bible study, hobbies, special issues, fellowship, exercise, prayer practices or another method of spiritual, emotional and intellectual support, something is sure to fit your schedule. Classes and groups meet throughout the week as well as on Sundays. The key to all adult ministries is the opportunity to know others and to be known. Everything else flows from that.
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We learn about God in all sorts of ways: listening to individual stories, sharing new experiences, studying scripture, laughing, reading, discussing, walking, biking and eating! Each of us is responsible for our own spiritual health, but we are delighted to pool our resources and talents and learn from each other.

You do not need to be a member to participate in any of our adult programs.

Drop in for just one class or come every week all year long. If you try a group once and never go back, our feelings will not be hurt. You can even attend a book group if you haven’t read the book!

This place is filled with people of different faith and non-faith backgrounds. You do NOT need to know about the Bible, Christianity, Presbyterianism or anything else. (Of course if you want to recite the books of the Bible, pray in Latin or expound on theology, go right ahead. We like those people too.)

We also understand there are times when a spirit just needs to rest. There will be no pressure on you to join everything or anything, just our open hand of welcome when you are ready.

To become part of GCPC Adult ministries, just show up exactly as you are.

We have been saving a spot for you.

To learn more about specific opportunities for adults at GCPC, contact our church office at 913-345-1256.

Sunday School

10am is Education Hour at GCPC. Sunday School is available for ages 3 through Adult. At the main entrance to our church, you will find a Welcome Table where volunteers will help you find classes for adults, youth and children.

Kid’s Day Out

GCPC offers a licensed Kid’s Day Out program, Tuesdays through Thursdays during the school year in the west wing. Children ages 2 through 4 (before September 1 of each school year) can attend sessions from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm or 9:30 am – 2:30 pm in a social and learning environment. To learn more about Kid’s Day Out, please contact Director Kathy Connor @ 913-345-8191 or download our brochure by clicking here.

KDO will begin accepting enrollment applications for current students and Grace Covenant members on Monday, January 21, 2019. They will have priority enrollment through February 1. Open enrollment for the public will begin on Monday, February 4. There is a $75 non-refundable enrollment fee due at the time of enrollment.

Half Day:
$80/month for 1 day
$160/month for 2 days
$240/month for 3 days

Full Day:
$120/month for 1 day
$240/month for 2 days
$360/month for 3 days

Children must be at least 2 years old to attend.

Pioneer Preschool

Pioneer Preschool is a private preschool which operates independently in our east wing. However, all of us who are committed to children work together, and many GCPC members have taken advantage of this excellent preschool. Classes for children ages 3 through 5 are scheduled in mornings or afternoons, Monday through Friday during the school year. To learn more about the Pioneer Preschool, please contact Director Geri Allcorn @ 913-338-4282 or by visiting their website –